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  • Waterproof coat
  • Pants suitable for riding such as jodhpurs, moleskins, or track suit pants. (If you have a pair of skins or leggings it is highly recommended that you wear them under jeans if you are not used to riding)
  • Boots suitable for riding (preferably with a heel and no laces)
  • Chapettes for your calves to prevent chafing
  • Footwear to change into at night
  • Onesie's/Oodie's and Uggies are also fantastic for the cooler weather months!
  • Personal effects – toiletries, wipes (great for the ladies)! and personal medication if required.
  • At least one complete change of clothes
  • Towel, bathers, sunscreen and hat
  • Insect Repellent
  • Warm sleeping bag and pillow
  • Torch with new batteries
  • Soft drink, alcohol, preferably in cans, wine is the exception to the rule!
  • Water bottle to carry on saddle (we supply holders for 500 ml pump bottles)
  • Musical instrument if you play one
  • Mobile Phone Charger (portable is better)
  • Please be aware space is limited on the longer trips so don’t over pack!

Buckle Up Bushrides supply the following at no charge

  • Helmets
  • Some Drizabone (Oil skin coat)
  • Swags
  • Some chapettes
  • Some boots


  • Current full ambulance cover
  • Travel Insurance