About Us


Inspiration behind Buckle Up Bushrides

Buckle Up Bushrides is a new beginning for both Paul and Shelly, born out of a long history of horse riding in and around the High Country.  They now embark on their 9th season!  Where has the time gone??

Paul Skvor is the Great, Great Grandson of William Mitchell Lovick who settled the district in 1871. His grandfather, Jack Lovick began horseback riding tours in the 1960’s and today, the tradition still lives on.

Paul was on a horse before he could walk and spent much of his time riding with his Grandfather on his safaris. Paul loved going on the kids camps when he was a boy and Paul has, to his pleasure, found he now teaches the children of those with whom he rode as a kid.

Paul’s wife Shelly, born in in Gippsland has been bush riding since she was a child and first came to the area after doing a horse safari with Jack’s son Charlie back in 2000. Shelly then went on to staff the rides and gain her accreditation as a trail leader. Both Paul and Shelly rode for Charlie Lovick for many years before being encouraged to branch out on their own.

Where to from now:

After years of riding in the High Country, Paul and Shelly are committed to continuing the tradition as third generation tour operators.  Buckle Up Bushrides is now into their 9th season starting their business in 2013.

Paul and Shelly between them have many years of experience having taken guests out on overnight and extended safaris both in the lower river country as well as taking guests across the Great Dividing Range into the Alpine National Park.

Located in the beautiful Boorolite Valley, Buckle Up Bushrides offer a variety of  day rides including bush rides venturing throughout the local area. The breathtaking High Country and beyond awaits those on extended rides, with magnificent views, and valleys and of course these rides include Kay’s famous home style country cooking which is always popular with our guests. If your looking for something a little different simply enquire about the opportunity to tailor your own ride to suit your own requirements. Paul and Shelly’s expertise ranges from beginners and kids, through to the experienced, with horses to suit all levels of rider ability.